Column: 'Angry' Watt Should Request Texans Trade

Could this be the loss that pushes J.J. Watt to ask for something many believed would never happen? Yes, it's time for a Houston Texans trade
By Cody Stoots ,

HOUSTON - J.J. Watt was not thrilled with his football life after the Texans dropped their sixth game of the year to the Green Bay Packers in NFL Week 7. 

"I'm frustrated," he said after the 35-20 loss, dropping Houston to a woeful 1-6. "I'm angry. It sucks. I don't know. It's ... Yeah. I don't know what else I'm supposed to do."

Watt should ask for a trade. That's what he should do. 

Watt's anger was clear, though it took the form of passive-aggressiveness on the interview podium.

When asked about the brilliant performance of Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Watt simply monotoned, "He played very well today."

When asked what details led to Rodgers playing well, Watt downshifted into robotic mode, offering only the obvious. 

"He threw the ball to the receivers and they caught it,'' J.J. muttered.

The weeks of frustration - wait, make that years - seem to be weighing heavily on Watt. He's been short in his responses to questions in the postgame for the majority of the season. I'm not suggesting that he frequently uses the microphone in the form of a grand orator, a slick comedian or a master of ceremonies. 

But forget being regaled with verbose statements; with a series of less-than-10-word answers Sunday, his message to me, however subliminal, was how much he did not want to be on that podium ... how much he does not want to be 1-6. ...

And maybe how much he should no longer be in Houston,

While he said last week his goal was to win a championship for the City of Houston - a typically fine statement from the icon he is - Watt, 31, did add the caveat "until the day I’m not a Houston Texan anymore" when he was asked about trades. 

Not that he needs permission from me, or from any other long-time Texans watcher. But I say, as the Nov. 3 NFL trade deadline approaches, he should ask if that day could arrive this week. 

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Watt's legendary accomplishments in Houston, on and off the field, will never be forgotten. He is at present adding little to his incredible resume while on this forgettable Texans team. 

In a sense, Watt initiating the conversation would be doing Houston a favor, as asking for the trade makes easier a difficult conversation for the Texans front office.

Yes, interim general manager Jack Easterby will have to field calls and find the true value of Watt. No, Easterby has never done that before. Yes, the Texans would be trading the best player in franchise history. No, the return won't be wondrous and I think is unlikely to include a pick in the first round. 

It is worth noting Watt's wife, professional soccer player Kealia, recently felt a change of teams was in the best interest of her career earlier this year. She asked to be traded. She even told the Chicago Sun-Times her husband "pushed me to do this" when he found out she was thinking about asking for the trade. 

Kealia is now available to counsel her husband on similar Watt family musings. 

The team certainly doesn't have to entertain a Watt request. And for all of us , it would be difficult to see the two best players in franchise history leave in one calendar year, Watt strutting out the same exit in DeAndre Hopkins' path.

And it would be nearly impossible to replace Watt's production with anyone on the roster now. 

If the deal is there, though, and J.J. Watt wants it, the Houston Texans should make the difficult decision. This team isn't good enough with him, and this player is frustrated and angry with this team.

Life, and NFL careers, are too short to spend every Sunday "frustrated" and "angry." Both parties owe it to themselves to navigate a J.J. Watt trade.

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