Deshaun's Texans Need 'Alpha' Coach Bieniemy - More Than Ever

The Texans might not have needed Eric Bieniemy at first but do they need him now? Stoots Podcast
By Cody Stoots ,

HOUSTON - The Houston Texans have been under fire from plenty of angles in the middle of a mess of their own doing. Despite all the criticism they might be talking to the ideal candidate for their future. 

Our own Cody Stoots and Houston radio hosts Landry Locker and Mike Meltser cover the perception of the Texans by the national media, what exactly has Deshaun Watson upset, and who is helping Cal McNair in these times?

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While the chaos may be swirling around the Texans, they have their interview with a guy who might be the exact guy they need. 

Locker: "If you're looking at Kansas City and what they do and you're thinking Eric Bieniemy is going to bring that to the Texans, I don't think that you can necessarily say that because he's not the one calling those plays and it's not his system. 

"But I think the biggest sales pitch on Eric Bienemy is not that. I think he's just an ass-kicker. I think he is an alpha dog. I think he's most likely to tell Jack Easterby to get the heck out of the locker room. And I think that's why at this point before this thing became chaotic ... I think there was a reason to be skeptical but based on what the sales pitch should have been, that he is that alpha, that he is that type of figure, maybe it makes more sense now to hire Eric Bieniemy than it did before."

Despite the potential stability a Bieniemy hire would bring, the guys say there are still concerns over the way the Texans are operating right now.

Meltser: "If the Texans were a publicly-traded company they'd be having major shareholder meetings right now. You would have people trying to like take over the company.

"When you have a situation now where the fanbase is enraged and the media is crushing you, you can develop this feeling. You can develop this feeling if you're Cal (McNair) and if you're Easterby that 'we're the persecuted ones' and then it becomes really hard to take yourself out of that mentality."

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Listen to that and more below.

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