Texans Deshaun Watson Encouraged with the Offense After a Disappointing Loss

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans saw a disappointing end to a promising start to their season lead by quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson was able to lead the Texans and continue to show why he is the answer at the position.

Watson completed 66.7% of his passes for 268 yards and three passing touchdowns and an interception. He also chipped in a rushing touchdown of 21-yards to open the scoring for the offense.

"I mean it is a team loss.," Watson explained. "You know offensively personally as an offensive leader. You know we could have done a little bit more."

Watson led the Texans on a two-play drive late in the fourth quarter to put them ahead of the Saints after 37-yard touchdown strike to Kenny Stills.

As the Texans quarterback, he knows they should have put the Saints away and his second-half interception gave them life.

"You got to be able to put the game away, and we had the opportunities, but we didn't do that," Watson continued. "We gave him a little bit momentum on my interception too. They went down to score. So you just got to be able to capitalize on opportunities. It's going back and forth which is going to happen in football games, but we want to take advantage of all the opportunities we can while we can especially on the road and in an environment like this."

The Texans saw four new players on the Texans offense on Monday, with left tackle Laremy Tunsil, running backs Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson, and wide receiver Kenny Stills. All four were vital parts to the offensive game plan that produced 414 total yards of offense.

Watson was encouraged by the Texans offense that had only been working together for a week.

"It is very encouraging," Watson said of the Texans offensive performance. "We know what we can do offensively. We just got to put the pieces together we just got to get more experienced. A lot of new guys a lot of new faces."

Watson admitted there was work to be done with communication with the offensive line on calls at the line of scrimmage. That only a week's worth of work makes it tough to have everything needed for tonight, but Watson was pleased with the overall product.

Watson continued, "Just having a week at it is tough. But at the same time, you know we operated and do what we can to try to you know to pull this win off, and we came close, but it wasn't enough, and we continue to grow from it."

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J Hager
J Hager

Heartbreaking loss, Watson and the offense played an incredible game just for the defense to blow it in the final 40 seconds. The soft coverage on the final play was a terrible defensive call. Still makes no sense to me.

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