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It was obvious last season that the offensive line for the Houston Texans was terrible. They were inexperienced, lacked in depth, and could not sustain the pressure and the skill of opposing defensive linemen. The best way the Texans can fix their offensive line is through the 2019 NFL Draft. The Houston Texans have one pick in the first round (23rd overall pick) and 2 picks in the second round. This offers the Texans ample opportunities to find the perfect offensive lineman for the future. There a plethora of prospects that the Texans can choose from, however, it is likely that the best offensive linemen in the draft will be taken before the Texans get to choose in the first round. However, below is a list of 3 offensive linemen that the Texans can choose from based on their Combine performance and college resume.

  1. Andre Dillard

Andre Dillard would be the ideal pick for the Texans. His draft stock greatly improved after posting great numbers at the Combine. He has great physical attributes, outclassing the other offensive linemen. Andre Dillard showcased his speed with a 4.96 40-meter dash, ranking 4th out of all offensive linemen at the combine. In addition, Andre Dillard had the best 20 yard shuttle time with 4.4 seconds. In addition, Dillard had the second best time in the 3 cone drill at 7.44 seconds. In addition, Dillard has unique attributes for a tackle. He is an intelligent player with the physical abilities to defend against dominate against defensive lineman. He will be able to be an instant contributor for the Houston Texans, bringing in a plethora of experience at a pass-heavy offense at Washington State and his unique strength. If Andre Dillard is available for the Texans, he should be drafted immediately.

  1. Dalton Risner

Another great option for the Texans is Dalton Risner. The senior of Kansas State has been a big riser after he delivered a strong performance at the NFL Combine. Originally thought to be drafted in the second or third round has turned heads due to his great athletic ability. He recorded a 5.30 40-meter dash and measured 28.5 inches on the vertical jump. In addition to that, Risner also did 23 reps on the bench press. Risner's 20-yard shuttle ranked third in the combine for offensive linemen with 4.52 seconds. It is clear that Risner has the sheer athletic ability to block Deshaun Watson from defensive lineman for the Houston Texans. In addition, Risner also has unique and instinctive mechanics to be a tackle. Risner's skills make up for any physical deficiencies that he may have. This combo of intelligence and athletic ability makes Risner a good target for the Houston Texans.

  1. Cody Ford

Another viable guard and tackle is Cody Ford. Cody Ford, a junior from Oklahoma, provides plenty of upsides. His main positive is his college resume. Going to Oklahoma and playing in one of the toughest divisions in college (Big 12), Cody Ford has plenty of experience to offer. Although Ford is quite slow, with a 5.21-second 40-meter dash, he is quite heavy and strong. He weighs in at 329 pounds and 6 foot 4. Ford offers unique athletic abilities, but he also has experience at both right tackle and right guard makes him versatile. Despite his athletic ability, Ford needs to work on specific skill sets for offensive linemen. However, this should not worry the Texans as Cody Ford can learn with time. Ford's ceiling is very high, and it is worth the gamble for the Houston Texans.

These three offensive linemen would be perfect for the Texans.


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