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5 Reasons to Join the Texans Bandwagon

With the season upon us the Houston Texans are ready to kickoff their 2011 campaign against the Indianapolis Colts at Reliant Stadium this coming Sunday. The Texans are in a prime spot to take their first division title and make their first playoff appearance in a wide open AFC South. If there is an opportune time for you so sign your new membership card to be a Texans fan, now is the time.


If you don't know if this is the NFL team for you, sit down and let me continue.

1. Star Power

Johnathan Joseph and Andre Johnson

The Houston Texans are not struggling for star power on their roster and we have some good football players. We have Matt Schaub is consistently one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the NFL. Did I mention that he has thrown for 4,000 or more yards for two consecutive seasons and won the Pro Bowl MVP in 2009. He is easily in the discussion for one of the top ten quarterbacks in the league.

A new star that we picked up in 2009 and goes by the name of Arian Foster. He was an undrafted rookie from Tennessee that had some injury issues his senior year and the Texans took a flier on him and it worked. It worked so well that he led the league in rushing in 2010 with 1,616 yards and 18 total touchdowns. Be warned he is a humanitarian and is into poetry, but overall he is a good guy that is down to Earth. Heck he didn't even hold out after a great season last year wanting more money, which says a lot for NFL players these days.

Also don't forget that we do have the best receiver in the NFL in Andre Johnson, and I know there is some serious competition for that title, but really he is. He is a constant threat to opposing defenses and often faces double teams and still gets the job done. In 2008 and 2009, he had consecutive 1,500 plus yard seasons which tied a guy named Jerry Rice. Also, in the 2008 season he set a NFL record for having seven games with at least ten receptions. We could talk all day about Johnson, but you understand my point.

Don't forget the fact that we also have Mario Williams, DeMeco Ryans, Brian Cushing, Johnathan Joseph and a new rookie named J.J. Watt who I promise you will hear a lot from in the near future. Trust me there are plenty of jerseys to choose from to wear around town.

2. Super Coach


Listen I know head coach Gary Kubiak has taken a lot of heat from the fan base and the local media for his laid back attitude. Also, I know defensive coordinator Wade Phillips has had little success as a head coach in the NFL and has shown he is a better defensive coordinator, when that is all he has to do.

Now you add Kubiak and Phillips up you have the newly formed super coach, the offensive guru in Kubiak and the defensive mastermind in Phillips. Is there another team that has their top two coaches that rivals Houston? I am convinced that both Kubiak and Phillips can lean on each other to take care of their respective units and make the Texans a contender. Having Phillips in Houston helps Kubiak more that anyone can expect. Not only can he concentrate on the offense and the overall well-being of the team, but he can lower his stress level by letting Phillips take full control of the defense.

3. Underdogs and Under Achievers

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Underdog Texans

This could be your time to be the first in your neighborhood to sport a Texans shirt, cap or jersey. You could be the trend setter because trust me if you are anywhere but in Houston wearing Texans gear you are the butt of every football joke. I have heard jokes about David Carr at my family reunions and he has been gone from the Texans since 2006.

The Texans have had huge expectations in previous years and have continually under achieved year after year. The Texans are almost always underdogs because of their lack of success during the course of a season. Listen they can break your heart and the drop of the dime, and it can mess up an entire week with one of their gut wrenching losses.

Look it is time for you to be that trend setter, because everyone tends to cheer for the underdog/achieve and now its your chance too.

4. Bob "Big Bank" McNair


Look I have heard of class organizations and how things are run at the NFL level. I have never been apart of an NFL organization, but there has been nothing but good things said about how Bob McNair runs the Texans. The Texans have state of the art facilities all within walking distance for the players which looks like a little football city. Their training camp is within walking distance from the Stadium and the weight room is simply amazing. Also, Reliant Stadium is a wonder in its own right. With a the first retractable roof and seating capacity of 71,500 screaming fans, the stadium only cost $352 million, and it makes the eighth wonder of the world the Astrodome look like an orbiting moon.

Bob McNair made it a priority to bring football back to Houston back in 1998 and has treated the fans of the Texans like they matter. This year he opened his pocketbooks to try to put a winner on the field by bringing in Wade Phillips and free agents Johnathan Joseph and Danieal Manning. McNair has committed to winning with all he has done for the city of Houston, especially the fans.

5. The Fans

Now I know I might be bias, but any fan base that can be beaten, stabbed and trampled on like the Texans have done to us would have left a long time ago. The Texans fan base keep coming back for more in hopes the current season is better than last. Don't believe me? Go to a game day and walk the various parking lots and see how many Texans shirt, flags, banners and koozies are out in the tailgating lots and see the excitement for the Texans game brewing.

The stadium noise can leave your ears ringing for two to three days feeling you were at a rock concert. You will see fans high-five each other in the stands and yelling "first down" after every Texans first down achieved. During pregame fans finish introducing the Texans during pregame by yelling their last name.

Most importantly you can meet fans that can be as crazy as you about the Texans. The Texans fans are a passionate group of football fans that just want a taste of the good life, the playoffs.

If you are interested in joining the Texans bandwagon please feel free to come aboard. This is the year when the tide turns in the favor of the Texans, and with a do or die season with the Kubiak regime the time is now.

If these reasons are not enough to change your mind, then don't let me be the one to say, "I told you so."

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