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6 Players To Watch Against the Titans

The Houston Texans are starting an important stretch of their season and can take control of the AFC South with a victory over the Tennessee Titans this Sunday. The Titans have surprised much of the NFL with new leader quarterback Matt Hasselbeck at the helm, the Titans have turned into contenders for the AFC South crown.


The Texans have a few players who can help the them go 2-0 in the division, but it is going to take for the Texans to get back to form and show they can play.

Here are six Texans who can provide a spark on Sunday's division matchup.

1. Arian Foster-  Is Foster healthy? Nothing is known for sure, but last week there looked like there were running lanes but Foster slipped trying to make his cut. Foster is a big part of the Texans success, but dropping passes and not making his one cut to daylight does not help the causes. The offense needs Foster to have a big day, and it would be a great day to start against the rival Titans.

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2. Derrick Mason- With Jacoby Jones with a groin issue, Mason feels he has a grasp for the Texans gameplan. Mason in his Texans debut had three catches for 27 yards and looked like he could help with more practice. Mason can provide Matt Schuab another target to help in the passing game and that could provide big boost for a struggling offense. Mason was brought here to play, so it would be a good time to give him the football against the team that brought him into this league.

3. Eric Winston- It is time for Winston to earn his stripes and show he can be the right tackle we know he can be. He has been plagued with penalties and poor play heading into week 7. Winston used to be as solid as you can get them, but it is time for him to find his form and provide some lanes for the running game and protection for Schaub.

4. Shaun Cody- As many fans that were upset about him being the undersized nose tackle, he has provided some much needed strength in the middle. After Cody went out with an injury it was apparent how much he is needed in this defense after the Ravens marched down the field for a score on the ground. Cody has provided some protection for Brian Cushing and DeMeco Ryans to make plays, and this will be needed this Sunday against the dangerous Chris Johnson for the Titans.

5. Antonio Smith- With Mario Williams out for the season, the Texans pass rush falls onto the shoulders of Smith. Smith can be stout against the run and put a hit on the quarterback we needed, but he needs to control his emotions. Smith is the defensive captain for a reason and he needs to keep leading the defense like he knows how to. Getting to Hasselbeck early and often will help the cause on Sunday for a Texans victory.

6. Matt Schuab- Along with Arian Foster, Matt Schaub needs to prove he can lead the Texans to the promised land. Schaub has been bruised and battered the past two weeks, but it is time for him to earn his paycheck. Schaub can make all the nay-sayers slow their criticism. It is up to Schaub to make the Texans 2-0 in the division and get them an important division win against the Titans.