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A New Era Is Upon the Texans

The 2013 season has mercifully come to an end and the Houston Texans are looking for the off season to save them after 14 straight losses. The change is coming for the franchise and the vision of Owner Bob McNair will he carried on by his General Manager Rick Smith and new head coach to be named by the end of the week, according to sources.

Expectations were sky high for a team that was penciled in with Super Bowl aspirations, but a single interception from the hand of Matt Schaub into the arms of Seattle Seahawks corner back Richard Sherman sent this season into a tail spin. With interceptions returned for touchdowns, no 1,000 yard rusher, a defense with no identity in the red zone to stop offenses, the 2013 Texans had a recipe for disaster.

The Kubiak Era is finally over with the season over. His offense was still on the field with offensive coordinator Rick Dennison making the calls. The offense looked the same, littered with short passes and a non existent running game. Despite the new offensive weapon, DeAndre Hopkins, the offense was the same once again funneled through Andre Johnson. The offense was also a shell of itself without Arian Foster on the field and no real running game, and this was for an offense who prided itself on running the football. 

Then, add a defense called "Bulls on Parade" that could not cause a turnover or slow anyone in the red zone this year. Also, the idea that a Wade Phillips' led defense was taken every week with one on one match ups in the passing game with players who struggled in man coverage every game.

The pictures this 2013 Texans team painted were the same every week and the end result was similar with every loss. It was a strong start with a late collapse for the Texans at some point during the game.

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As with every season that ends, there is new hope with an off season that approaches. For the first time in eight seasons, the Texans will have a new breath of fresh air and new ideas on the game of football. The marching orders will be different with whatever new coach is chosen by McNair. Practices, meetings, travel plans, training camp, personnel evaluation will all be looked at differently and cause enough of a shift at Reliant that players and personnel will notice. 

Players walked off of the field in Tennessee knowing when they step one foot back at Reliant some teammates and coaches may not be there, and when they arrive back at Reliant things will be changed, hopefully for the better.

The only thing that will win back the supporters is to see change. When the Texans start the change with the hiring of the new coach, the word "hope" will creep back into the vocabulary of Texans fans everywhere. The NFL draft is more than five months away and the Texans hold the power position at the top of every round with the top overall pick. Current players will be gone and new players will be added to this roster to try to compete better than what they did in 2013.

These are not the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs, but these are going to be the 2014 Houston Texans who are looking to write their own story after one of the most horrific seasons that anyone could watch. The season is over and once again the word "HOPE"will be used when looking to Bob McNair and Rick Smith to make the right decisions for the franchise moving forward.

Coaches and players will be changed and a breath of fresh air will be ushered into Reliant for the upcoming 2014 NFL season.

You can follow Patrick on Twitter. He is the Editor of State of the Texans.