Alex McGough Wanted to Stay with the Texans Despite Interest from the Jaguars

Patrick D. Starr

After league-wide cuts occurred, the Houston Texans went to work looking to fill their practice squad. More importantly, the Jacksonville Jaguars cut a quarterback named Alex McGough that Texans quarterback coach Carl Smith had a close relationship with working together with Seattle Seahawks.

McGough was a rookie free agent out of Florida International and signed a deal with the Seahawks making their practice squad. McGough and Smith forged a relationship as the two spent the entire season together in Seattle for the 2018 season.

The Texans were on the lookout for a quarterback after Joe Webb III was lost for the season in the final preseason game with a right ankle injury. McGough fits the profile for the Texans what they were looking for at the position and paid over slot to get him on their initial practice squad to open the regular season.

The Texans shelled out over $20,000 a week to add McGough to their practice squad compared to the minimum $8,000 a week required by the collective bargaining agreement.

After spending a week on the practice squad, during the first regular-season game for the Jaguars starter, Nick Foles went down with a clavicle injury that will keep him out for an extended period.

Soon after the game, the Jaguars immediately contacted McGough and his representatives working to get him back to their 53-man roster. McGough had a tough decision to make, but the Texans did not allow him to make a decision. The Texans soon promoted him to the 53-man roster after word spread that the Jaguars were working on landing McGough to their roster.

"It was tough because Jacksonville wanted me to come back and it was just a really tough decision for me to have to do," McGough said of waiting out the process. "With the people that I have around me. It was was easier, and it made it more comforting to know that they were behind me, and they're with me and my decision."

McGough was disappointed with how his time came to an end with the Jaguars.

"Just from going with the with the team that you thought you had a chance to be number two at you know, signing with them in January," McGough said of his time with the Jaguars. "To being released after the preseason where you know, you gave your all to that team. It's tough, and it's heartbreaking, and it didn't really work out the way I wanted to."

McGough wanted to stay in Houston despite the Jaguars offering him to be the back up to Gardner Minshew II. McGough appreciated the Texans organization pursuing him hard after cut downs and paying for him over slot to be on their practice squad. More importantly, McGough wanted to reunite with Smith.

Now the Texans third quarterback, Bill O'Brien wants to get a more extended look at the young quarterback. McGough was on the Texans draft radar and did pre-draft work on him during the 2018 draft process, but now they just waited a year longer to get him on the roster.

"I just saw a better opportunity here in Houston.," McGough continued. "So, jumped on it and I'm happy to be here and happy they promoted me to the 53."

McGough is now the Texans developmental quarterback, and he is happy that he chose them after cut down day. It was a decision that led him to land on a 53-man roster and with an organization that wanted him from the start.

"It's a great feeling," McGough explained. "To be a part of somebody's 53 and feel like you can go out there and contribute on game day. It's just a great feeling, and I'm ready to go."

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