Amid Uncertainty, Should Texans Draft A QB?

While the pre-draft focus for most so far has been on finding defensive help for the Houston Texans, should they be targeting a quarterback instead?
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The Houston Texans have a number of needs as they enter the NFL Draft. Cornerback, defensive end, defensive tackle, and outside linebackers are arguably the most pressing at this time, but according to the Houston Chronicle's John McClain, don't be surprised if the Texans look to bring in a quarterback at the end of April.

"What might Caserio do if a quarterback he has projected for the second round is available for the Texans in the third?" said McClain. "Prospects like Texas A&M’s Kellen Mond, Stanford’s Davis Mills, and Florida’s Kyle Trask."

"I’m guessing if there’s a quarterback (General manager Nick) Caserio likes in the third round, he’ll take him," said McClain.

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The Texans currently have three veteran quarterbacks on their roster in Deshaun Watson, Tyrod Taylor, and Ryan Finley with the latter two both having arrived this offseason after Watson had requested to be traded. 

However, due to Watson's ongoing legal battle, it is anybody's guess where he will be come Week 1. At this point in time, it seems highly unlikely Watson will be available, whether that be via trade, suspension, being placed on the commissioner's exempt list, or otherwise. 

As such, Taylor seems the most likely starter currently available given his experience as a starter and history with new Texans head coach David Culley.

But, if the Texans opt to go for the best player available rather than a position of biggest need once pick 67 rolls around then it could well be another QB. 

The three names mentioned above would all represent good value come round three given they are all expected to be gone anywhere from rounds 2-3. Of the three, Mills and Trask are your more prototypical pocket passers. Strong arms, but not the most mobile. 

In my opinion, if that's the style of QB you're after then Trask is the one to go for. He has a strong arm, solid mechanics, and looks a safe bet as someone who should go on to have a good NFL career. 

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If you're looking for someone more in a dual-threat QB mold, then Mond would be a great fit. Watching his tape is like watching a diet, Watson. Not quite as explosive on the ground, but still agile and very capable of breaking away when given a lane. That being said, he also has a strong arm with a smooth delivery and a strong whip-like motion on the tail end.

Later in the draft, the Texans could look in-state at someone like Sam Ehlinger out of UT if they want another safe pocket-passer, but personally, I'd lean more toward Notre Dame's Ian Book. Book isn't the tallest prospect at 6'0" but he's productive, exciting to watch, and can extend plays with his evasive movement in and out of the pocket. 

Also, it's worth noting that the Texans have the luxury of having Pep Hamilton as their QB coach. 

Well known for his work with Andrew Luck and Justin Herbert, Hamilton should be able to unlock the best out of whomever he ends up working with, along with Culley who has had his own share of success with QB's like Josh Allen in recent years. 

With that in mind, Mond or Book could both thrive if allowed to sit a year behind Taylor who himself is only on a one-year deal. 

Ultimately, would picking a QB in the third round go down well amongst fans given their dire need for defensive help? Likely not. But it all boils down to whether Caserio's decision-making will be driven by value or needs. 

And as McClain mentioned, if a QB of high value happens to fall to Houston, then there's every chance they may take them.

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