Andre Johnson Gave the Intel for The Houston Texans To Make The Move for Duke Johnson

Patrick D. Starr

During training camp when the Houston Texans sent a draft pick to the Cleveland Browns for running back Duke Johnson. Special advisor to head coach Bill O'Brien, Andre Johnson, played an instrumental part in them making the deal for Johnson. 

Duke Johnson and Andre Johnson started forming a bond when they met at the University of Miami. Johnson, then playing for the Texans, would go back during the off-season to work out befriended the younger Johnson when he was making his mark as one of the better back in the nation. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien mentioned how Johnson helped the Texans get insight on Duke Johnson and his fit in the organization. 

"Andre Johnson knew Duke Johnson just from the Miami connection," O'Brien said of the move. "There's a lot of intel that goes into those moves."

Johnson worked out with the Texans star wide receiver and learned his work ethic, and little did he know that it would come full circle on him getting a vote of confidence for the organization to acquire him. 

"I know him from the University of Miami," Johnson said of Andre Johnson. "Dre is one of the guys that kind of groomed me, and I worked out with coming into the league. He was still in the league and still playing. We trained together back in Miami, so we have a bond, and we're definitely close. I mean, you probably see all the time I'm on the sideline by him talking to him. So, I mean just bouncing ideas off of just talking football just talking in general."

Duke Johnson talked about what he was able to pick up from Andre Johnson when he was working out with him at Miami. 

"It makes you as a young guy respect what he's doing," Duke Johnson said of Andre Johnson's work ethic. "What the guys before him did even more. Just in how hard he worked, how he grinds, how he doesn't complain, doesn't say much. Just do what he asked and do it hard."

With the soft-spoken Andre Johnson, Duke Johnson knows that when he speaks, he better listen to one of the best wide receivers to ever play. 

"Dre doesn't talk a lot," Johnson said with a smile. "Dre is not a guy that speaks a whole lot, but it is normally just stick to the course. Keep doing what I'm doing."

In 9 games, Duke Johnson has 287 yards rushing and 228 yards receiving with three total touchdowns on the season. 

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