When DeAndre Hopkins entered the NFL in 2013 with the Houston Texans, it was Andre Johnson who took the young star from Clemson under his wing to teach him the ways of life as a professional. Even after Johnson departed from the franchise in 2015, the two stayed close in communication, talking about life and football. 

Johnson, who is now part of the Bill O'Brien coaching staff as the "special advisor to the head coach," he saw his little brother (as Johnson call's Hopkins) traded to the Cardinals in a shocking deal that shook the NFL landscape.

Talking to Pat McAfee on the Pat McAfee Show, Johnson discussed the trade of Hopkins to the Cardinals. 

"You hate to lose a guy like the DeAndre," Johnson said to McAfee. "DeAndre is like a little brother to me. I have probably talked to him like 20 times since this whole thing has happened. It is part of the business, man. You just have to move on from it."

Despite being the advisor to O'Brien, Johnson did not go into detail on McAfee if he knew the reason why Hopkins was traded to the Cardinals. 

"I really don't know personally why the decision was made," Johnson said of the deal with Arizona was made. "Those decisions are out of my control." 

Now part of the Cardinals, Hopkins has conveyed to Johnson that he is ready for a new start, and playing with a new cast of players is one reason why. 

"He is excited about it," Johnson said of Hopkins' feelings of headed to Arizona. "I think, him being happy to play alongside Larry (Fitzgerald) and to be able to play with Kyler Murray. He's very excited about it.

With negative publicity coming from the Hopkins trade, Johnson concedes the reasons for many to doubt the Texans. Understanding it is a business, Johnson knows the team has to win to make the sting of the Hopkins trade go away. 

"The expectation is always to win," Johnson said of what's next for the Texans without Hopkins. "I think everybody now is just kind of torn with the trade and stuff happening. The only way you can get past that is by going out winning and winning games. You can't change it. It's something that's already happened, and you just have to move on from it." 

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