Andre Johnson says his relationship with Bill O'Brien is good

Patrick D. Starr

With the COVID-19 pandemic slowing things down across the NFL, Houston Texans special advisor to the head coach Andre Johnson took time to talk to Pat McAfee on his show "The Pat McAfee Show." Johnson, one of the Texans' most decorated players in franchise history, spoke with McAfee on various topics, including how he was able to land his position as "special advisor" to head coach Bill O'Brien. 

Johnson wanted to stay involved with the game, didn't want to be a position coach, but it was O'Brien who approached Johnson to join his staff before the 2019 season. 

"I didn't want to be a position coach," Johnson said to McAfee. "And me and Bill O'Brien we sat down and just talked about some different things about some different ideas off each other, and he came up with the position, and, you know, that was just pretty much it. It was just a conversation me and him had we bounced some ideas off each other. He talked to Cal McNair about it, and Cal was on board with it, and we just took it from there."

Johnson helps O'Brien with special projects throughout the year and also takes time to help give pointers to wide receivers during practice and the season. The 14-year veteran is involved with day-to-day operations with the Texans but would not go into detail on the reason why wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins was traded to the Arizona Cardinals. 

McAfee asked Johnson about the trade of Hopkins to the Cardinals. 

"I really don't know personally why the decision was made," Johnson said of the deal with Arizona was made. "Those decisions are out of my control." 

The trade of Hopkins and O'Brien is one of the few NFL head coaches with general manager duties, has brought a negative light since the deal to open the league year. 

Asked about his relationship with O'Brien due to directly reporting to him, Johnson was upfront on the type of person the Texans head coach is as a person. 

"Just dealing with Bill on a day to day basis, I mean Bill's a great guy," Johnson said of O'Brien. "Everybody has their opinions, and they look at certain things because of what happened during trades and things like that. I only can go off my relationship with Bill, and the relationship, me and him have is fine. If I need to communicate something to him, I go up to him, tell him how I feel what I think about it, and we just go from there. The relationship I have with him is good."

Johnson is entering his second season as O'Brien's special advisor for the Texans. 

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