Anthony Weaver bringing a creative approach to the Texans defense in 2020

Texans defensive coordinator is ready to take a new line of thinking to the football field to improve the defense's performance on the field in 2020.
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Houston, Texas- The newly-promoted defensive coordinator of the Houston Texans, Anthony Weaver, clearly has tangible excitement for the Texans' defensive squad. Weaver, who had a 6-year stint in the NFL (included two years with the Texans) and has been coaching in the NFL for the past eight years, is preparing for the new challenge that lies ahead of him. 


In a recent interview with local media, Weaver seemed ecstatic about the team's future and how he is fully prepared to utilize the assets on the Texans' defense. 


An aspect of Weaver that makes him an intriguing choice for the defensive coordinator position is that he has a very creative mind that would make him a very valuable coach. 


"The creativity part of defensive scheming is maybe one of my favorite parts about the job," Weaver explained when asked about how his creativity has helped during this virtual offseason. 


Weaver compared his job to a chess match when he matches up against opposing offenses. 

"You've got to love the chess match," Weaver explained. "Trying to put the pieces in the right place, and get free runners, and hit the quarterback, and do all of those things. That's part of the beauty and schematics."

One of the tasks Weaver will have to figure out is his combination of pass rushers who he is more than happy with heading into next season. Weaver understands the pass rush has to do a better job of getting to the quarterback and not leaving the secondary hanging out to dry in coverage.


When asked about what excites him most about this defense, Weaver quickly answered, "Everything. I'm so excited about the guys that we do have on the roster on defense right now."


"We have a bunch of guys who are," Weaver continued. "Like I said earlier, they're dependable, they're tough, they're smart, they're passionate about the ball."


Weaver brought up how the new defensive plan and schemes can benefit the team. 

"I think some of the schematic changes that we've made have brought on some excitement with them," Weaver explained. 


"They're excited about some of the new things that we're going to do," Weaver added. "The places that we're going to put them. I can't wait to see it all come to fruition and see those guys on the field."


The Texans are banking on the entrance of a new defensive coordinator, and his innovative ideas can help propel the defense and make them return to their dominant form from years past. 

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