Anthony Weaver's "Attention to Detail" Will Help the Texans Defense

Patrick D. Starr

With the changing of the guard at defensive coordinator and Anthony Weaver set to take over the defense for 2020, the change at defensive coordinator is already being welcomed from players inside the Houston Texans locker room. 

Outside linebackers Whitney Mercilus and Brennan Scarlett were walking the red carpet at the Houston Sports Awards on Tuesday and were asked about the recent news of Weaver's promotion. 

"I'm really excited about it," Scarlett said. "I think he's gonna do a great job. I think his attention to detail is really something that's caught my eye. Whether it be on the stunts or technique and for him to be now to be preaching a whole defensive room. I think it is going to be huge for us."

Weaver is now the third defensive coordinator to serve that role under head coach Bill O'Brien. Taking over for Romeo Crennel, whose contract expired after the 2019 season, Weaver has the respect of many inside the building. 

"It's cool," Mercilus said of Weaver being promoted to defensive coordinator. "To really have a familiar face to have as a DC and so we already know Weaver. He's a great person to go play for and all that, so we're looking forward to it."

There will be some changes for the Texans defense to adjust to under Weaver, but Scarlett feels everything will be in order when the regular season arrives. 

"I think it's going to be as smooth as it could possibly be," Scarlett said of transitioning the defense to Weaver's control. "Obviously there's going to be a learning curve that'll take place once he gets started off in offseason, but you know I think come game one we're going to be ready.

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Patrick D. Starr
Patrick D. Starr


@Footballfan55 I find the attention to detail​ comment interesting. Just might be time for a new voice


I think that he is going to be able and do a lot for the Texans defense. He knows the players and knows what they want to see defensively.