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Are Texans Really Interested In Antonio Brown?

Are the Houston Texans Really Interested In Signing Talented-But-Troubled WR Antonio Brown?

Antonio Brown has people in his corner who want to see the talented-but-troubled wide receiver back in the NFL. The Houston Texans certainly wish him no ill will. ...

But do the Texans also wish Brown to join the Texans?

That’s the suggestion via ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, who cites a source close to Brown indicating that the Texans “have shown the most interest” in signing the receiver, who is currently serving an eight-game suspension for his alleged involvement in numerous  off-field incidents.

You will note, though, that the ESPN report is carefully-worded in a way that covers up holes in the story. To wit:

*ESPN says its source is “close to Brown.” That’s the sort of “source” with a likely agenda to stir up business for Brown. In short, it’s the sort of thing an agent would tell a reporter.

*There is no confirmation from Houston - outside of coach and general manager Bill O’Brien issue a very polite and generic response to questions about the report.

Said O'Brien on Friday morning: "We're very satisfied with what we have here right now. Look, you never say never to anything. ... So, right now, I don't anticipate anything, whether it's (Brown) or any other player right now."

*The ESPN report does not bother citing a Texans source, one way or another.

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*Suggestions that Brown, 32, could be helpful upon his reentry into the league to some degree fails to acknowledge the eight-game suspension ... and additionally seem to ignore the possibility that the NFL suspension could be extended if more information comes to light on Brown, particularly in the ongoing civil case with a woman who claims Brown raped her.

Brown faces charges from another woman in a sexual assault case, and is also dealing with charges including felony burglary conveyance, misdemeanor battery and misdemeanor criminal mischief.

*When ESPN reports on Houston’s interest level, it should be taken as a relative thing. If for instance the agent has called 32 teams, and 31 of them didn’t answer the phone while the Texans at least answered before hanging up ... Then technically (but hardly notably) the Texan showed more interest in the other 31 teams.

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It is true that Houston at 0-2 Has struggled to find production of wide receiver in the wake of its trade of DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona.

“Houston’s at least poking around here,” Fowler said. “So it’s worth watching as the team sits at 0-2 without a No. 1 receiver.”

O’Brien’s program does not exactly fit the profile as a match with Brown. (Early in 2019, the Steelers, the Raiders and the Patriots all found that to be true of their programs - in short fashion.) Even if he can still mentally and physically  play - and Brown was certainly a Pro Bowl talent before his personal failings resulting in mental instability - those downfalls plus his lack of eligibility makes this a story that almost certainly has very little to really do with the Houston Texans.