Army Offensive Tackle Brett Toth Meets with the Houston Texans at the Shrine Game

Patrick D. Starr

According to Trevor Sikkema from the Pewter Report, the Houston Texans met with offensive tackle Brett Toth after practice on Tuesday at the 2018 Shrine Game. Toth was a staple in Army’s unique offense and the team's offensive coordinator, Brent Davis, considers him to be one of the best linemen he has seen in 20 years of coaching the triple-option offense, with an impressive ability to get to the second and third levels. Davis also says Toth “is probably the smartest football player” he’s mentored.

Toth measured in at 6'5" and 304 lbs., with an 81" wingspan.

Appearing in 30 games with 25 straight starts at right tackle, Toth’s ability to transition to the NFL would probably require a position change, possibly to guard.

Toth does plan on doing his stint in the Army, especially given the Department of Defense regulation which states, "upon graduation, officers will serve as military officers for their minimum commitment of two years." Toth plans to help with the football program for a year, then go to his Basic Officer Leader Course to become an officer in the Army before realizing his goal of being in the NFL.


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