The news spread quickly around the NFL that Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt was designated to return from the injured reserve. Watt made it clear that he intended to come back to help his teammates in the playoffs to win.

When asked about his recovery and the process to get there, Watt, at one point, felt his season finished.

"I mean, early on. I mean, when I got hurt, I just assumed I was done," Watt said of his injury in October. "I didn't even know that there was a possibility, and then literally, a couple of days after the surgery, I was feeling so good that I just started asking questions, I said, 'Is it remotely possible' and we left the window - we left the door open for a possibility and from there was just literally, day by day."

Watt continued to get to work and hit metrics that the medical staff put in front of him to get back to the field. That is when Watt continued to work with no real expectations but started to see the progress that paved the way for his return. 

"Just work doing whatever I can do," Watt said of the work he put in. "And we arrived here. And, like I said, I wouldn't call a difficult decision, No, I mean, I get a chance to play in the playoffs with my team and go out there and try and help us win football games and so, to me, that'll never be a difficult decision."

With questions on whether Watt's left pectoral will hold up with two-months of recovery, he is confident in his rehab process to get to this point.

"I feel very good, and we've done a lot of obviously building the strength back up to where the strength needs to be," Watt said of his recovery. "We've done the ballistic things that we need to do to get it back to where it needs to be ballistically." 

With the normal recovery time of a torn pectoral three-months, Watt is not afraid of the risk due to being able to be ready for the 2020 season if something goes wrong when he hits the field once again. 

"When I discuss the element of risk," Watt continued. "I mean there's two options: it's going to hold up, or it's not. That's basically the way she goes, and the reason that I'm comfortable with that risk is because I know the consequences of that risk. It's the exact same procedure, its three months recovery, and we're back in action."

Watt continued, "But I do feel very confident from what we've done in the weight room, from what we've done ballistically training, to where the strength level is compared to where it was before the injury. I'm very confident in the way that it has reacted."

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