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Bill O'Brien and Brian Gaine Working to Build the Fabric of the Houston Texans Roster

The Houston Texans have concluded their jobs coaching the South team at the Senior Bowl and head coach Bill O’Brien likes the work his unit put in during the week. A significant item of note is that O’Brien and general manager Brian Gaine have started to formulate a plan with the players at the Senior Bowl and what team personnel could potentially be looking for to rebuild the team.

"Brian (Gaine) and I see things in very similar ways, we understand each other. Were able to communicate daily,” O’Brien explained. “He’s probably already sick of me. I send him a text saying let’s meet up on this let’s meet up on that. Great person, very calm guy, very smart guy. He’s got excellent thoughts about how to create the most competitive roster we can and so it has been a good start to working with Brian.”

The Texans will enter the 2018 NFL Draft without first and second round selections due to two moves, the first of which ushered Brock Osweiler out to Cleveland, and the other which land Deshaun Watson with the twelfth overall pick of the 2017 NFL Draft. The lack of picks in the first two rounds is not deterring the organization from looking at all avenues to draft quality prospects and the Texans will still look at ways to move up in the draft, if needed.

“It is very important,” O’Brien said of looking at every prospect. “Right now we know where we stand in the draft but things change all the time on that. I mean things change in this league every day.”

O’Brien knows that the league is being built on late round and undrafted free agents. Using the Senior Bowl to get a closer look at the those potential prospects during the time leading up to the draft is important to finding those players.

“There are a number of guys that will be drafted in the middle rounds, the lower rounds, and maybe some guys undrafted,” O’Brien explained. “Last year, I think on our team, we have 19 on our final 53, we had 19 undrafted guys. Those are the guys that really make up the fabric of the NFL. That is why these weeks right here are important for coaches and scouts because we get a chance to be hands on with these guys.”

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