Bill O'Brien Expects Romeo Crennel Back with the Texans in 2020

Patrick D. Starr

After the Houston Texans loss to the Kansas City Chiefs 51-31, head coach Bill O'Brien talked about the future of defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel. 

The Texans defense gave up 51 points to the Chiefs on Sunday marking their worst performance on Sunday of the season. The Chiefs were able to put together seven straight drives that resulted in touchdowns but after the game, O'Brien backed his assistant head coach and defensive coordinator. 

When asked directly about Crennel's future with the Texans and if he will be back on the staff. 

"Yes I do, I do expect him to be back," O'Brien said of Crennel. "I mean we will talk to all - will meet with all the staff members, you know, one by one and see where we're at."

O'Brien added, "But yeah I do anticipate him being back."

Crennel has been the defensive coordinator for the Texans from 2014-2016 before Mike Vrabel took over in 2017. Then Crennel went back to the position in 2018 for O'Brien. 

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Im not for it , he lost the Saints Game and he cost us going further in the Playoffs , they need to bring in someone Bill O Brien doesn't have any say about thats why they need too hire a GM first !


Good to hear, think that he has done a really great job for the Texans. Just need to re-scheme for the Chiefs...