Bill O'Brien Feels It Wasn't "Horsesh!%" on Offense for the Texans on Sunday

Patrick D. Starr

Houston- After the Houston Texans woke up from a bad dream of losing to the Denver Broncos embarrassingly on Sunday. Head coach Bill O'Brien met with the media to discuss what occurred during the game that resulted in one of the worst first halves of football for the Texans this season. 

The Texans defense struggled to get stops, but O'Brien was not as critical of the offense and their performance. 

When asked about the offensive line, O'Brien particularly liked what he saw on tape at the rotation at right tackle between Chris Clark and Roderick Johnson.  

"That was good," O'Brien said of the play at right tackle. "That was worked out good. I mean those guys - that was a good deal. Those guys played pretty good."

It was the first time that the Texans rushed for over 100-yards in two games, and they were able to rack up 414 yards of total offense. 

"We ran the ball for over 100 yards," O'Brien continued. "I mean, it was a horrible game. But like the offensive line, again, we had some issues with penalties like has been pointed out 50 times between the last two press conferences. Rightfully so, but I think the offensive line actually played a decent game."

O'Brien wasn't disappointed with his offensive line and their performance protecting Deshaun Watson holding the Broncos to three-sacks on the afternoon. 

"There were some things on offense that were pretty good," O'Brien explained. "I'm not sure if you guys watched the film, but look, I know it was a terrible game. Just throw that out there. It wasn't horseshit on offense."

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As long as the 'beyond criminal' charlatan (BO’B) is Head Coach this team goes nowhere. Period. Expecting anything different puts you into "Marvin Lewis’ syndrome territory as a denier of the definition of insanity. Inexplicable long term failure acceptance from the family ownership of this team since it’s inception 17+ long years ago seems to be the hallmark of the franchise. No matter how you cut it it has, it does, and it will suck to be a Texans fan going forward as ownership tolerates and embraces underachievement, mediocrity and failure second to none (with maybe Bengal ownership being equal). Thanks to this woefully inept, pathetic bunch (McNair Family) and the annual clown show it trots out like plague annually, Bud and the Oilers look like world beaters in comparison…


The Plays that was called on both 4th down plays was Horsesheet ! Watson pass getting Batted down at the line just terrible execution , also why not run it with Hyde ! So really Watson struggled to find the open man and make plays !