Bill O'Brien Needs Help to Turn the Texans Around

Patrick D. Starr

Head Coach Bill O'Brien is faced with a big task to get the Houston Texans back to the top of the AFC South. The player evaluations, new coaching staff and draft preparation is completed or still in the process as we speak. O'Brien has to do everything he can to make the Texans successful, but he cannot do it by himself.

The new head coach will have to lean on some key figures to make the Texans contenders once again. If it is players or coaches, O'Brien has work to do and needs help to set the ball in motion.

Andre Johnson, Arian Foster, Chris Myers Duane Brown, Brian Cushing, Johnathan Joseph and J.J. Watt

The core group of the Texans and despite their different ways to lead, they are the figure heads of this team. How quick O'Brien can get his leaders to buy into his system, the better for the potential outcome of the 2014 season. This group of Texans have known the Kubiak way of life, and they have had an idea what to expect when they walk through the doors. Practices, meetings, game plans, expectations will all be different and it will be up to the core players of the Texans to buy in as quick as they can and show they are willing to work with O'Brien.

Romeo Crennel

O'Brien as a first year NFL head coach is a tough task and him being in control of the offense it makes the task look even more difficult. These offensive duties are combined with O'Brien's job to oversee the team's day to day operation, Romeo Crennel's importance on the team is even more important.

Crennel, much like what Wade Phillips was with Gary Kubiak, is in Houston to oversee everything defensively and keep O'Brien in the loop. Getting a defense that can produce turnovers, and find personnel to fit the defense will fall on Crennel's shoulders. His experience will be leaned on by O'Brien to put a winning touch on this team, and Crennel has the head coach experience too.

O'Brien will be involved with the defense, but running the offense is a task itself and with that Crennel becomes an important piece of the 2014 season.

Rick Smith

There is a good chance the general manager will be able to do his job without too many hands in the cookie jar like previous seasons. Smith put together some decent drafts prior to the arrival of Wade Phillips, and after that the drafts since 2011 have been a mess.

No matter Smith's track record in the Kubiak Era, he now has a chance to right the ship with O'Brien. Smith has gotten to the next point of the franchise, and will be a part of the process to turn the Texans into a competitive team. The only difference is, now he has to find the players that fit into what O'Brien wants as a head coach. They have already shifted the pro scouts of the team, which means there is a new vision for the franchise coming. Smith is going to play an important roll in getting his scouts to produce good evaluations of draftable players and players currently in the NFL. Getting O'Brien players to work and succeed with is Smith's primary goal moving forward and this means a scouting system that lets no player slip through the cracks.

Quarterbacks A and B

Leaving the quarterbacks with the labels "A" and "B" means exactly that, they are unknown at this point. A and B are left for a quarterback that could be drafted and the veteran that Bob McNair noted during a press conference. There should be two new faces in Houston next season, and O'Brien will be forever linked with the quarterback that takes the bulk of the work in 2014.

All NFL head coaches are defined by their quarterback play, and the same will go for O'Brien. Finding his quarterback is the primary objective in the early portion of the O'Brien tenure as the head coach.

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