Bill O'Brien Ready To Adjust to Life Without Will Fuller in the Texans Offense

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans will be dealing with their typical week of touch and go with the injury situation of wide receiver Will Fuller. Fuller is now dealing with a groin injury that he suffered this past weekend. The Texans offense will have to adjust once again without him in the lineup. 

"It is definitely an adjustment," O'Brien admitted of the offense without Fuller. 

Despite reports of Fuller set to be dealing with a three-week injury and his status for Sunday against the Tennessee Titans in doubt. O'Brien played Fuller's status close to the vest. 

"I think he's making progress," O'Brien said of Fuller's groin issue. "I would say right now that's just the day-to-day. I wouldn't be able to answer what's going to happen on Sunday, but I think he's definitely making progress."

Learning to function without Fuller will have to be the Texans plan moving forward into the playoffs, and it will start in week 17 against the Tennesse Titans. 

"When he went out," O'Brien continued. "It just it is what it is. I mean, everybody deals with these types of adjustments. You know I think for us. We know what we need to do we need to execute a lot more consistently on offense. And we need to make sure that everybody's ready to play on game day.

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Timmy 57
Timmy 57

Fuller can't get paid when his contract is due. Need to be able to stay healthy.