Blast From the Past: Texans Sign Two

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The Houston Texans have signed two to their roster by adding fullback Moran Norris and defensive end Keith Browner Jr., who worked out with the team during their three day mini-camp in Houston. Head Coach Gary Kubiak was positive about what Norris and Browner were doing with their reps at camp.

Moran Norris, a 6-1 250 lb. Houston native, was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the 2001 NFL draft in the 4th round out of Kansas (115th overall). Norris was a part of the inaugural Texans team in 2002 and was the fullback for the Texans (2002-2005). Norris also contributed on special teams during that stint. Norris then bounced from the San Francisco 49ers ('06-'07) to the Detroit Lions ('08) and then back to the 49ers ('09-'11). Norris will provide the fullback that Kubiak has made a staple of his offense and provide a good change-up from current fullback and tight end James Casey. Norris blocked for the franchise's leading rusher Dominack Davis and now will have the chance to block for Arian Foster, who is 98 yards away from the franchise rushing record.

Moran Norris

As for Keith Browner, he was a defensive end for the California Golden Bears and went undrafted in the 2011 NFL draft. At 6-5 266 lbs., it would be realistic to think that he would be looking to compete for the opportunity to contribute at the outside linebacker position and find a spot on the special teams units.