Bradley Roby Appreciates The City of Houston and More Importantly The Texans Pushing For 'Excellence'

Patrick D. Starr

During the off-season, the Houston Texans and cornerback Bradley Roby agreed to a one-year deal worth $10 million in efforts to help each other. The Texans were looking to plug a huge hole in the cornerback group with Roby. While Roby was attempting to rebound from a down season in Denver. 

With the Texans, Roby has been a shutdown cornerback and the returns have been good for the defense. 

Roby has given up 62.5% completion on 40 targets with the longest reception for 27-yards. Quarterbacks have a 75.2 rating when targeting Roby while he has four pass breakups with an interception. 

A hamstring injury slowed him, causing him to miss nearly two months of playing time. Head coach Bill O'Brien sees plenty of talent in Roby but knows his health has played a big part in his season. 

"I think that Bradley, he's got a lot of talent, right," O'Brien said of Roby. "He's got good speed, good feet, good ball skills. The big thing with Bradley has been health. Just making sure that he can be available to the team, that's the big thing. If he stays available to the team, he's healthy. Then he can help us."

Roby signed with the Texans coming back to his home state and, more importantly, trying to renew his form on the football field. Only with the Texans on a one-year deal, Roby likes what he has seen from the city of Houston.

"I was actually born in Texas, but I never really lived in Texas," Roby explained. "So, you know, just living here, I love the city. I was from Fort Worth, but it's not too far from here. You know I love the city I love the fans, you know, the fans go crazy here. And, you know I love the food and the weather you know, and in Denver, it is probably snowing right now, you know, the sun is out right now, and it feels good."

What Roby likes most about Houston is what O'Brien is selling inside of the building every day to the team. Roby wants to win, and he feels that O'Brien and the Texans are giving him that chance here. 

"Coaching staff, you know, they really want excellence, and that's what I want to do," Roby continued, "I want to win. I came here to win. You know I love the fact that OB stresses winning, and that's what everything is about it is about winning, and I love that. Because that's how it was in college with Urban Meyer, and I feel like that OB is like that here, and I love everything about it."

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