Bradley Roby Says the Texans Have to "Learn and Move On" With Three Important Games Left in the Regular Season To Play

Patrick D. Starr

It was an ugly loss for the Houston Texans against the Denver Broncos this past Sunday. It was over for the Texans before they knew it being down 38-3 at one point in the third quarter, and the defense had one of it's worst showings of the season. 

The Texans defense gave up a season-high of seven plays of 20-plus yards to the Broncos' offense. With six of those plays 25-or-more yards on pass plays proving to be one of the worst pass defensive days allowing quarterback Drew Lock to complete 81.5% of his passes. 

Cornerback Bradley Roby understands that the Texans have to regroup in a hurry with a crucial game against the Tennessee Titans on the horizon. 

The team reported to the facility on Monday to watch the film and correct mistakes from their loss and that Roby and the Texans control their playoff fate moving forward. 

"Learn and move on," Roby said of what he and his teammates could learn from the loss. "At the end of the day, it wasn't a playoff game. It wasn't we lost, and now the season's over. Football's a week to week basis, you know, and you live to fight another day, and thankfully, we have three more opportunities to do that for the regular season."

Now set to play the Titans two of the final three games of the regular season, which could decide their playoff fate. Roby would like to see more consistency against anyone they play against, but he can't change the past. Now they are focused on beating the Titans this Sunday. 

"That's not what you," Roby said of the Texans not playing well against teams they should beat. "Ideally, want you to want to play consistent, no matter who you're playing, but that is the situation that we're in right now, and as I said, we got to win. So that's what our focus is on."

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