BREAKING: Deshaun & Teammates Fined By Texans For Restaurant COVID Issue

BREAKING: Deshaun Watson & Teammates Fined By Houston Texans For Restaurant COVID Issue
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HOUSTON - It was the position of Deshaun Watson that his behavior and that of his teammates at his recent restaurant grand opening was within the NFL's COVID guidelines.

"Yes, for sure,'' the Houston Texans QB said. "I mean, we had the masks. We did everything that we were supposed to do. Six feet from different people. 

"It was a restaurant opening. It wasn't really an event. It was a grand opening of my restaurant."

The Houston Texans, it seems, beg to differ.

The club has fined multiple players who attended the grand opening of Watson's new restaurant franchise, "Lefty's,'' per a report from ESPN.

Multiple Texans players were in attendance in support of Watson, and reportedly one of them drew $5,000 fine, while Watson was also fined, per the ESPN report.

Among the Texans present via photos released from the event were Watson, offensive linemen Laremy Tunsil and Tytus Howard, wide receiver Brandin Cooks and running back Duke Johnson.

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Some of the media photos made available to the public do indeed show Watson, the team's MVP and one of the NFL's best overall players, posing for photos in close proximity to others while not wearing a mask.

The 4-10 Texans are otherwise reading for Sunday's NFL Week 16 meeting with the also-lowly Cincinnati Bengals as Houston's unfortunate season is slowly coming to a close.