BREAKING: Texans Request Interview With QB Watson Favorite, Chiefs Coach Bieniemy

Could the Texans still get a look at Deshaun Watson's preferred candidate? Houston has - finally - requested an interview with Chiefs coordinator Eric Bieniemy
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Deshaun Watson has advocated for the Houston Texans to interview Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. The Texans' being slow on the trigger may have caused the now infamous dissent between the quarterback and the front office.

But now, the fix.

The Texans have - finally - submitted a request to interview the touted assistant, as first noted by Ian Rapoport at NFL Network.

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Previously, the Texans had been the only franchise with an opening at the head coach position who haven't asked to talk to Bieniemy - a person QB Watson thinks worthy of consideration for the job ... and a person who was recommended to Watson by K.C. QB Patrick Mahomes.

But Houston, until Tuesday, did not budge. The Chargers, Jaguars, Falcons, Jets, and Lions had all requested an interview or already interviewed Bieniemy. ... and it seems the new opening in Philadelphia will also feature a visit with the Kansas City coach.

The original plan was for Texans CEO Cal McNair to seek out Watson's input on the hires at general manager and head coach. The word was ownership even planned to consult with Watson on the hiring process. Watson, however, reportedly found out about the hiring of Nick Caserio on social media and wasn't asked about his thoughts on the general manager. 

Days passed without the Texans having spoken to their franchise quarterback. McNair acknowledged Watson's unhappiness with the franchise in his introductory press conference of GM Caserio.

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Meanwhile, Jack Easterby remains a key piece of the franchise. Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus, a head coach candidate, turned down the chance to interview with the team. Watson's agent was recently tweeting cryptically about "nepotism.'' And then came reports suggesting the idea of Watson being interested in being traded to Miami.

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Whichever way the Texans go at head coach, Nick Caserio said he intends to use Deshaun Watson as a resource in the hiring process. There might have been a time when the Texans were scaring off the QB's favorite prospect. Texans fans hope that time has passed.

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