Brian Gaine Returned to the Houston Texans to Help Bill O'Brien Build a Winner

Patrick D. Starr

As the new general manager in town, Brian Gaine was clear that returning to the Houston Texans had to do with getting the chance to work with Bill O’Brien again. Gaine was with O’Brien as the Texans director of player personnel for three seasons before leaving for the Buffalo Bills for professional and personal reasons.

Now back with the Texans, Gaine is aligned with O’Brien and his vision for the Texans franchise.

“Bill and I are very philosophically aligned in terms of how to do that, how to build a right program, how to build a right culture, and it’s not just the football roster, but it’s also the football operation and that requires every aspect that touches the game and touches the locker room,” Gaine explained. “All those aspects of the football operation, Bill and I are philosophically aligned in terms of how to run it and how to do it.”

“Having the opportunity to be philosophically aligned with a partner who you can build a collaborative effort with in terms of building a winning process certainly enticed me,” Gaine said of coming back to the Texans.

Gaine wants to build a championship roster with O’Brien on and off the field, especially putting a good product on the field on game days. Gaine is focused in the upcoming off-season on rebuilding the offensive line around Deshaun Watson and finding quality depth players to help improve a woeful special teams unit.

Gaine wants to pursue every avenue to build a winning roster in 2018 from the waiver wire to the NFL draft and the college free agency process, to potential trades to put together the roster puzzle.

“Well just a year ago, this was a back-to-back playoff-caliber roster and environment,” Gaine said of the roster. “Unfortunately, last year injuries and circumstances played into the fact that they weren’t able to achieve that same success. But in terms of building depth, I think there’s a lot of ways that you can do that. I think you can build the roster from the back-end forward continually throughout the year.”

Gaine wants to be in lockstep with O’Brien and wants the coaching staff working closely with his football operations group when it comes to making decisions on players. O’Brien will even be part of helping Gaine put together the final draft board for the Texans.

Gaine went into detail of O’Brien’s role, “As we move through our meetings in February and April, it’ll be my job and Coach (Bill) O’Brien’s job to consensus build that information and the evaluation process so that when we put a grade on a guy, we put a ranking on a player, that’s a Texans grade, that’s not a coaching grade, that’s not a personnel department grade, that’s a Texans grade.”

Gaine likes what O’Brien has been able to do as a coach since he arrived in 2014 and, as part of the reason he returned, Gaine is committed to giving his coach everything he needs to succeed on the field.

“Well, having been here for three years and knowing what Coach O’Brien’s able to do, I certainly have an insightful feeling for what Coach O’Brien is able to accomplish,” Gaine said. “We’ll continue to get him, good players. He’ll continue to coach the team at a high level. And between the two of us, hopefully, we’ll be building a championship roster for years to come.”


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