Broncos' Defense Shut Down Deshaun Watson and The Texans' Big-Play Ability

Patrick D. Starr

Houston- The Houston Texans lost heartbreakingly, dropping their Sunday's game to the Denver Broncos 38-24. The Texans slow start in the first half on both sides of the football did them in, and they could not recover going down 31-3 entering halftime. 

Just a week after putting on a big play display in their win over the New England Patriots, the Texans offense was anything but that against the Broncos. 

The Texans offense was only able to produce one play over 25-plus yards the entire game compared to the Broncos producing six of those plays. 

Deshaun Watson struggled the entire game trying to figure out the Broncos defense. 

“Denver executed their game plan," Watson explained. "And we didn't execute ours. That's pretty much it.”

"Didn't really play well," Watson continued on the Texans' performance. Didn't play well enough. They got up, and it was hard for us to come back. We tried to. Just got to get back to the drawing board."

With no Will Fuller in the offense, the Texans were unable to make big plays for the majority of the game. Watson was forced to make throws on the shorter routes and keeping the offense under wraps for a good portion of the game. 

With two interceptions and a key missed 4th-down play late in the second half, the Texans offense did not help the cause to try and stop the Broncos onslaught. 

"We turned the ball over," Watson said of the offensive issues on Sunday. "We didn't capitalize on the fourth down. That was pretty much it. We were moving the ball. We got, however many, 400-plus yards. It wasn't anything we didn't do. We just didn't execute it."

Watson only completed 56.0% of his passes on the day while throwing for 292 yards and throwing for a touchdown and two interceptions. His 63.1 quarterback rating was his lowest of the season and his second-lowest completion percentage for a game. 

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