Cal McNair wants to use his platform to empower black leaders in the community

Patrick D. Starr

Houston Texans CEO Cal McNair released a statement through a video on social media discussing the recent killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Floyd, a native of Houston, Texas, was killed by former police officer Derek Chauvin, who knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes during an arrest. A cell phone video of the killing sparked national outrage and a deeper issue of police brutality aimed towards black Americans.

Earlier in the day, head coach Bill O'Brien made a strong statement condemning the actions of the police on the killing of George Floyd and offered his support to the African-American community. 

McNair in a video said the following statement. 

After watching and listening to many important stories. I would like to speak straight from the heart. We're all mourning the recent tragic deaths, George (Floyd), Breonna (Taylor), and Ahmaud (Arbrey) and we'll continue to pray for their families. 

I must acknowledge that this is not a recent issue. This has been a pervasive and mostly silent problem for the past 400 plus years. Our Texas players and their families have endured injustices for years. Like others who have spoken, I believe that these injustices cannot continue. 

As someone who has a platform to enact change. I'm going to do so through my actions, rather than my words. I recognize that I have many young black male voices that I can listen to. During direct conversations with them, I will listen more than talk and seek to understand. I acknowledge that after I'm done giving the statement, I have the privilege to continue going about my day feeling safe. 

Given that reality from here on forward. I will make it a priority for this awareness to become a part of the fabric of the Houston Texans, And I want to name what that will look like. What I envisioned is to use a platform of the Texans to empower black leaders in the community to speak and educate the Texans community. 

I spoke with a former player yesterday. He left me with a powerful sentiment. "Knowledge is power." Thank you.

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No. 1-1

We need to get more league executives and owners to use their platform to push for a change. And the league needs to apologize to Kap.