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Conspiracy Theory: The Quarterbacks


Is there something the Houston Texans front office and coaching staff isn't telling us? I am of the belief that something is being covered up by the Texans in regards to the Quarterback position. We have seen the Texans bring in plenty of backup Quarterbacks in recent years and have them compete for a spot on the team, but we can't recall the Texans bringing in a legitimate player to challenge Schaub. The Texans had Sage Rosenfels which was the last legit backup, then there was Matt Leinart, and now John Beck? What is really going on in the Texans camp?

Here is the way I see it. The Texans have a quarterback who could potentially not be resigned beyond next year due to injuries. Matt Schaub has been hampered by injuries 3 out of the 5 seasons he's been here.

T.J. Yates

At first, I used to think that the first year he had injuries in 2007 was a culture shock of being the true starter of a team and he wasn't acclimated to being hit. Then when he got injured in 2008, his second season, I thought it was just dumb luck. When 2009 rolled around his third year and he had a dislocated shoulder on what didn't look like that big of a hit, my thought was to break out the "fragile" tape. Schaub didn't miss any games in 2009 which turned out to be a winning season. Schaub made it through the 2010 season and we as Texans fans had believed that either he would get hurt again or get past that rash of injuries. Then the 2011 season came and all signs pointed up for Schaub even though he took a pounding at times from defenses. Schaub showed resilience and made it through the more difficult part of the schedule. Unfortunately, Schaub went into Tampa Bay, which wasn't a team that was a threat at all, and the Texans looked to wipe the floor with Tampa when "he" happened. By "he" I mean Albert Haynesworth. He squeezed through the line and flopped on Schaub's foot and by games end Schaub was done.

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Moving forward to the 2012 season and now the Texans have a new Quarterback group at Reliant. We wonder if any of them have the potential to take over if and when Schaub is no longer our starting Quarterback. Why have the Texans waited so long to draft a successor for Schaub especially when he's been prone to injury? Part of me believes that they haven't addressed it because they had so many other needs until this point. I also believe that the Texans have been extending the leash on Schaub long enough to get lucky with some UDFA Quarterback that they sign on waivers or after the draft. I say leash because the Texans have been known to cut ties with players who are injury prone.

I believe the Texans are doing a process of Quarterback by numbers. They are bringing as many backup and developmental Quarterbacks as they can in hopes that they will find a diamond in the rough. TJ Yates is a great find and I believe he is the future of our franchise. My question is why Keenum and definitely why Beck? The Texans say they want competition but how is it competition when its clear that they are developing Keenum to be a backup and Beck seems to be a camp body or a fail-safe in the event Yates regresses instead of progresses?

John Beck has had little to no success in all the places he has been. Beck hasn't done anything to prove he will be better than Yates or Keenum, and if Keenum doesn't beat Beck out he may not even make the practice squad. This process by which the Texans are using is highly questionable. Why would you bring in Quarterbacks that aren't much more than camp bodies? If the Texans truly want to show that they are preparing for life after Schaub then they need to get rid of the dead weight. Their focus should be on Yates if he is our future. If not, then draft another Quarterback in the early rounds next year to develop for Schaub's departure. The sooner you get your Quarterback of the future here the faster you can focus on life after Schaub.

What are your thoughts on this topic? I would like to know do you believe the Texans know how to develop young QBs? Or do you believe they are just doing a numbers game?

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