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Contract Talk: Joel Dreessen

In this series we are going to look at the potential free agents of the Houston Texans, and figure out if they work into the plans for the coming years….

Joel Dreessen

One of the most surprising players for the Houston Texans in the 2011 campaign, and he just completed his 5th season with the team. Joel Dreessen lead the Texans in touchdown receptions with 6 and proved a viable second tight end opposite of starter Owen Daniels.

Dreessen's ability to block in the run game and provide enough athleticism in the pass game only makes the Texans offense that much dangerous. Dreessen has suited up for 77 games for the Texans out of the possible 80 regular season games. His durability and knowledge of the Texans offense, leaves a chance to keep him in a Texans uniform will only make the Texans offense that much better.

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He will probably get some offers from other teams for an expanded role, but Dreessen has made his living knowing the ins and outs of the Texans offense. At the age of 29, the 6'4" 245 lbs. tight end will be looking for one final good contract.

With James Casey and Garrett Graham behind Dreessen, it will be interesting if the Texans will give him a viable offer to keep him with two younger players behind him. This might turn into the Vonta Leach issue, where the Texans can move on from a player to spend their money else where to improve the team.

Owen Daniels health is a concern, but the Texans will be faced with a tough decision whether to invest a 3 or 4 year deal on a player close to the 30-year-old mark. But bigger is the idea of bringing back Dreessen is tied into if the Texans elect to bring back Mario Williams in 2012. Dreessen's payday could easily go into Williams' check, and could shape this roster for the coming years.

Chance Returning to Houston: 50-50, future rests in the Williams' decision.

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