Contract Talk: Mike Brisiel

Patrick D. Starr

One of the symbols of the Houston Texans season in 2011, Mike Brisiel won the respect of his teammates and fans for his play in the division clinching game on a fractured leg. Brisiel who has battle for his NFL career and a spot on the Texans roster, makes Brisiel one of the team favorites.

Mike Brisiel

When Brisiel came to Houston in 2007 he was backup lineman looking to stick in Houston, and then he learned the Texans zone system and went to being a spot starter to a full-time starter for the Texans in 2011.

It was pretty apparent to what Brisiel meant to the Texans when he came back in the first playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals when he was opening holes on the right side for Arian Foster's big day. More importantly was he solidified the pass protection for T.J. Yates, and with the Texans offensive line continuity is important.

At the age of 28, the Texans don't want to lose an important piece of their offensive line. He still has some good football left in the tank, and could be brought back to Houston for a reasonable price.

Chance Returning to Houston: Will be brought back at a reasonable rate, if not the Texans still have Antonie Caldwell.

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