The Houston Texans came out with a cookbook for the summer and released recipes from coaches, players, and front office personnel. There are some solid recipes from the Texans in the cookbook, some simple recipes, and difficult ones.

So, State of the Texans decided to put the recipes to the test and make each one to see how they turned out. With 15 total recipes, we will release a video series on each recipe completed. 

You can see part one here. 

In the second installment, we made a Banana Cake submitted by J.J Watt and his mother, Connie, to the cookbook. 

Banana Cake 

The Recipe 

Banana Cake

Banana Cake

Making the Banana Cake

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Overall Thoughts

This cake was outstanding, no wonder J.J. Watt ate so well growing up. The ingredients and instructions were simple and easy to execute. Think about using banana pudding instead of vanilla pudding for the frosting to give it extra banana flavor. 

Difficulty Level: Easy

SOTT Recipe Grade: A, the recipe was simple but full of flavor. The slight adjustment to the pudding gives a chance to be an elite cake but this a keeper for the dessert rotation. 

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