Patrick D. Starr

Wizard of Wade

Dear Wade,

First of all let me "Thank You" on behalf of all the Houston Texans fans across this state of Texas, because without you honestly I don't know where the Texans would be without you. It has been a tough nine years without a true defense or a coordinator, and we are still in amazement what it is like to have a defense. It seems like we have had the players here the whole time, but no one to make them perform to their ability.

Also, send regards to your defensive staff especially Reggie Herring, Vance Jospeh and Bill Kollar for bringing you no-nonsense attitude when it comes to defense, and for holding players accountable. I know expectations were high coming back to your home state and a town where your father, "Bum", is a football icon. I know it is early, but you have brought hope back to the Texans fan base, and have made Houston football relevant again. It is also good to know you and Gary get along, because you two together are serious business, you being a defensive mastermind and Kubes being an offensive one. You two make up a "super coach", which has been a breath of fresh air.

It seems like you are a "wizard" at your trade, and have pulled some tricks out to make some Texans players push their own ability. The defense looks like they are on the same page, and I like the fact the whole defensive unit celebrates after big plays on defense with each other. There seems to be a "togetherness" with the team that hasn't been there before, and it is translating to the outcomes of the games. It was great to see you and the defense respond after a bad showing against the New Orleans Saints, in Sunday's game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. You know that it has been the Texans reputation to not respond to adversity, but your defense stepped up in the fourth quarter on Sunday.

Look I know it is early, but keep up the good work because you have brought back some much-needed faith back to a Texans fan base. It started with the draft and the way you have brought the defense together in the early part of the season, I have to thank Jerry Jones for firing you because you have been the biggest offseason acquisitions for the Texans in 9 years. Keep up the good work and getting those wins.


P.D. Starr

P.S. If you ever get hungry I know the Texans fan base will put together a collection to keep you happy.

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