Depositions Against Texans QB Deshaun Watson Could Begin Soon

Deshaun Watson-related depositions could be begin later this year.
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HOUSTON -- Deshaun Watson’s court cases might finally have gained traction toward  a set date. According to reports, Watson's legal team can begin deposing the plaintiffs who have filed a civil case against the Houston Texans quarterback as early as September. 

Currently, Watson is facing 22 civil cases of sexual assault and harassment.  

Since the cases came to light back in March, explosive accusations and legal jousting by opposing Texas lawyers. The fight for wins in the court of public opinion, starting with Tony Buzbee having postedi news on a massage therapist’s lawsuit to social media, stating Watson had sexually assaulted her.

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Since then, 22 cases have been filed against the 25-year-old standout QB. One case has been dropped following a judge's decision to release the names of all those filing a claim against Watson. 

Watson's lawyer, Rusty Hardin, has stated that all acts between Watson and the accusers was consensual. 

Although Watson cannot be deposed until late February of 2022, the women can be so involved later this year. According to the docket, each accuser will be allotted six hours in their own personal deposition starting on September 13. 

The NFL is currently investigating Watson's actions as subject to the league's personal conduct policy. The Texans have yet to comment on the status of Watson moving forward with the team, those it is expected he could be traded down the line. 

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“We have nothing more to say,” Texans coach Davis Culley said. “We’ve talked about the Deshaun situation … nothing’s new on that.”

Watson did not appear at OTAs last week. According to multiple reports, he still is hoping to be traded from the organization after signing a four-year extension worth $156 million that would otherwise keep him with the team until 2025. 

Watson could face a suspension from the NFL regardless of the result of the civil cases or police investigation, thus hurting his trade value entering the season. will keep you up to date with further news surrounding the case. 

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