Deshaun Done With Texans? Mills Might Seal the Deal

Davis Mills might not be the franchise quarterback for the Houston Texans, but Deshaun Watson's days are numbered at NRG Stadium
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HOUSTON -- A regime, a new GM, a new start for all. That will be the headline Saturday morning surrounding the Houston Texans and Nick Caserio's first pick with the organization. 

Without saying a word, Caserio's action said it all on Friday evening. Drafting Stanford's Davis Mills was all the proof needed to see that Deshaun Watson's day in NRG Stadium is numbered. 

The first — and truly only franchise QB in team history — is now J.J. Watt-level finished; 99.99 percent. 

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Is this real life? Is this really happening? In 19 months, the Texans have gone from a 24-0 lead entering the second quarter of the AFC Divisional Round to imploding and starting over. Some can be blamed on management (I.E. DeAndre Hopkins trade) while others are bad timing. 

Watson's situation falls somewhere in the middle. 

Watson currently is on the roster but was expected to be traded before Round 1 on Thursday night. Based on reports told to the Houston Chronicle's John McClain, the Texans would move him for a bucket load of picks and try to start fresh with a treasure-chest-like return.

Instead, Houston must hope for positive results from the lawsuits to keep his value high. 

Despite the silence due to the draft, Watson still is facing 22 civil lawsuits of sexual misconduct and sexual assault. Only time will tell if he is cleared by the court system. That doesn't include the suspension that could come from the NFL over the next year. 

At that point, what is Watson's value should quarterback's flourish? Eight teams were reportedly interested in DW4: will those feelings change if the young quarterbacks are developing?

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This isn't a knock on Mills, who could be a tremendous player for the Texans under David Culley, shock the fanbase overnight, and make everyone say "Deshaun who?" as the next guy. Truth be told, there's little to know about the guy as of now. 

Mills is a former No. 1 overall recruit who sat behind KJ Costello and only started 11 college games. With those opportunities, however, he showed what it takes to run an NFL-style offense under David Shaw. 

He showed promise over the last two seasons, recording 18 touchdowns against 14 interceptions. He highly was regarded as "the guy" after the top-five QBs despite being the No. 8 gunslinger taken. 

“It’s a new challenge,” Mills said after being drafted. “I’m very humble. I’m ready to get there, put my head down and get to work.”

This all has to do with Caserio and his selection. Any QB selected would receive the same treatment. The first pick of a new regime is the most important position? 

Actions certainly are speaking louder than any words that could have been muttered.

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Caserio found his hopeful vertical option in Nico Collins. After trading away three future picks, best believe he's banking on the Michigan wide receiver to step up come September.  

When will Mills play? For now, expect Tyrod Taylor to be QB1. Unless somehow Watson wants to battle it out, the veteran journeyman understands new QB coach Pep Hamilton's offense.   

Mills can sit and learn until Culley and Caserio deem him worthy. That could be Week 1 or Week 10. By then, Houston will have decided if they'll look to Round 1 in 2022 for their franchise guy. 

With Caserio acquiring 37 players in trades and free agency, he had the luxury of drafting a quarterback. After all, Watson was the lone player at the position prior to free agency and would likely have held out should Houston continued to play hardball.

Despite coming off a career year, Watson wanted out of the franchise. He wasn't going to play again and before the allegations came, Caserio knew nothing would change his mind. 

Unfortunately, the cookie-trail of allegations led to a pause in moving off the 25-year-old for the time being. 

Mills may or may not be the future of the Texans. Only time and patience will tell that. Caserio though made it clear though on Houston's plans past Friday night. 

Watson let the world know in January he was done with the Texans. Houston finally obliged — letting everyone know they're now done with him.  

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