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Deshaun Watson Absent From Practice Again; Panthers 'Eye' Trade For Texans QB

As the QB on Tuesday - and now again on Wednesday - skipped his usual new camp regimen (of not being a QB), the media isn't able to locate Deshaun Watson. But the Carolina Panthers?

Deshaun Watson was not spotted at Houston Texans training camp on Tuesday. And moments ago, as of Wednesday's workout, he's not here, either.

Nevertheless, the Carolina Panthers seem to have him in their sights.

The Texans and Watson are on the same page in one regard: Both parties are ready for a trade. Maybe it will take a clearing-up of the beleaguered QB's legal issues to clear a path, or maybe Houston is simply waiting for a rich offer.

Meanwhile, the Panthers are reportedly waiting as well.

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Writes "Per a league source, the Panthers quietly are keeping an eye on Watson. Yes, they traded for Sam Darnold and picked up his 2022 option. Owner David Tepper nevertheless is committed to finding a long-term franchise quarterback. Watson has the skill to become that guy, and Tepper — who made his money buying low and selling high — could be inclined to make a move if Watson’s contract can be secured at a reasonable amount.''

The Panthers were interested in Watson before their Darnold deal, and logically, his presence isn't much of an obstacle. We also know the Philadelphia Eagles are interested in this idea as well. Are the Miami Dolphins still in? The Denver Broncos?

As the QB (who may have a foot ailment) on Tuesday skipped his usual new camp regimen (of not being a QB), the media wasn't able to locate Deshaun Watson. That is the case again on Wednesday.

But the Carolina Panthers? They know where they can find him.