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Deshaun Watson Accusers' Lawyer Reveals Change In Houston Police Cooperation

Attorney Buzbee writes a rather convoluted explanation for his Watson-related decision, citing his personal history with the HPD.

Houston attorney Tony Buzbee's original stated plan regarding the cases against Texans QB Deshaun Watson included full cooperation with the Houston Police Department regarding the alleged evidence of sexual assaults by the player.

Buzbee is now changing course.

In his latest Instagram post about the allegations, the attorney writes a rather convoluted explanation for his decision, citing his personal history with the HPD.

"I am not saying in any way that Deshaun Watson’s lawyer, Mr. (Rusty) Hardin, has a son who has a position that would compromise HPD and its investigation," Buzbee wrote, while also mentioning his failed 2019 mayoral bid in which he called for the resignation of the then-police chief of Houston. "I support his service, along with all Houston police officers - I think the rank-and-file know that. 

"But, I am saying that me and my clients will go elsewhere to provide our evidence to investigative authorities. Stand by."

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Thomas Hardin serves as a commander in the Special Operations Division for the Houston Police Department.

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Buzbee has filed on behalf of 19 women - with more supposedly prepared to come forward - who claim that Watson sexually assaulted or harassed them during massage sessions in the last few years.

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Buzbee said his legal team has been "roundly criticized" for not filing formal complaints with the Houston Police Department. Rusty Hardin has accused Buzbee of using social media to create a "circus-like atmosphere'' around the situation. Watson, who this offseason asked the Texans to trade him, has denied any wrongdoing.

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