Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson fully supported coach Bill O'Brien to remain after Houston suffered a complete playoff meltdown against the Chiefs.

When asked if O'Brien is the right coach for the Texans after the 51-31 loss in the divisional round in Kansas City, Watson fired back without hesitation.

"No doubt," Watson answered. "I mean, you might have doubt, but there's no doubt. I mean, I love that man. I'm going to play hard for that man, and I mean y'all can say whatever y'all want to say through all the media and all the writing, but as long as I'm at quarterback, he's cool with me." 

The Texans suffered one of their most disappointing losses in franchise history losing to the Kansas City Chiefs 51-31 at Arrowhead Stadium. With the Texans up 24-0 early in the second quarter, the Texans imploded and saw the Chiefs come roaring back to close the game out with 41 unanswered points.

O'Brien's biggest blunder was a fake punt on a fourth-and-four from the Houston 31 with the Texans up 24-7 midway through the second quarter. The fake failed to pick up a first down and it set up a short field for the explosive Chiefs offense, leading to a touchdown which changed the momentum in the game.

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Watson had a strong game against the Chiefs, throwing for 388 yards with three total touchdowns and no turnovers. It was not enough offense to help the Texans, but his effort, according to Watson, is based on him playing hard for his head coach. 

"He's got my heart," Watson continued. "He's going to get all my 110% every time I step on that field. Y'all can say whatever, but I'm always be rooting for that man and going to play hard for him."

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