Deshaun Gives Firm Answer On Texans Trade Rumors


HOUSTON - "Nobody's going anywhere," said Texans franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson on Wednesday. 

Watson was asked about the trade deadline ahead of the team's Week 7 NFL showdown with the Packers and how he handles trade rumors as a leader. 

"Them boys ain't getting traded," Watson said with a smile and a chuckle. "That was something that we squashed."

Earlier in the day wide receiver Randall Cobb intimated there was a conversation about the potential of trades after practice. Cobb mentioned he had bought a house in the area and planned to be on the team "for the long haul."

Cobb then said he would have to see how it all played out. 

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"I know a lot of people probably thinking Randall (Cobb) was saying he was getting traded," Watson said. "He's not getting traded."

Watson went even further to put his teammate's minds at ease. 

"Nobody is going anywhere,'' the QB said. "We're going to stick with this team and keep pushing forward."

The Texans leader mentioned the team wanted to "squash" speculation on trades, especially if teammates had seen things on social media. Watson said the team can now focus on "ball and focus on this team."

Watson has played two of the better games of his career, and certainly the best two games of the season, the past two games. It would make sense he would want to keep his teammates around. Additionally, his performance and character give him just enough muscle in the building to make sure his words are heard.

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