Deshaun Watson is Thankful for Cam Newton Paving the Way for Him

Patrick D. Starr

During a sit-down conversation on The Undefeated, Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson sat down to discuss who inspired him as a quarterback in the NFL. Especially as a young quarterback coming up through Gainesville High School in Georgia. 

The NFL had a stretch of looking down on mobile quarterbacks and wanting the pocket passers to run offenses. Watson has been part of a wave of quarterbacks that mobility has helped expand their game and improve offensive play in the league. 

Even with all of the naysayers on the style of play Watson started with as a young quarterback in Georgia, it was Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton that personally helped pave the way for the Texans signal-caller. 

Watson recalls how Newton helped shape him as a player and give him the confidence to continue how he was playing his game at Clemson. 

"Cam was my inspiration," Watson said on The Undefeated, "Met Cam in high school, and of course I was going to Clemson things like that, but like I was still again. Oh, this guy's better than you. He's a pocket passer, all you can just run blah blah."

Watson continued, "So when I sat down with him we related, we clicked from day one. He became like a big brother, so he inspired me."

Now in the position to inspire other quarterbacks, Watson found out that Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields looks up to him and what he has accomplished. Understanding he must help the younger quarterbacks coming up, Watson is encouraged with what he sees at the position. 

"So for me to be able to inspire like a Justin Fields, and other guys that are in high school is really encouraging," Watson explained. "I think the generation is going to continue to grow and continue to improve and continue to take over the lead. At the same time, those guys got to make sure they ready for all the pressure that's going to come with it."

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