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Deshaun Watson Trade Gossip: Eagles And Patriots To Bid?

The Deshaun bidding war - created by the Texans or not - is unfolding. And now new bidders are emerging.

Put another log on the Deshaun Watson fire.

We've written in this space that new general manager Nick Caserio - who has been wildly active in re-making the Houston Texans roster in the first few days of free agency - inherited an unlikely-to-win battle in Watson having demanded a trade. We've also suggested that while Caserio and new coach David Culley continue to issue stubborn denials, the rest of the NFL believes they will eventually listen.

To the Panthers, the Dolphins and the Broncos and the Niners. And now maybe to the Patriots and to the Eagles.

As Jason LaCanfora writes, "Do not discount the Eagles as a strong suitor for Watson. Too many sources with ties to ownership have whispered that sentiment my way for me to ignore. And the more you think about it, the more sense it makes.'' 

And, "Bottom line, as much as we know the Panthers want in on this, and the Patriots likely will, too ...  it is something that makes as much -- if not more -- sense for Philly. And it is very fitting in the Eagles' organizational DNA.''

We'd heard the New England idea; talk about "fitting,'' with Caserio not hanging up the phone when old Pats boss Bill Belichick calls. But the Eagles? That's a new one, and while we're not sure about this "DNA'' business.

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Is it worth pointing out that Philly owns, as LaCanfora notes, "four of the first 85 picks in this draft''? Not really. That's just a fancy way of saying that the Eagles own an extra third, pick No. 84, from the trade of Carson Wentz to the Colts.

No, this trade is about first-round picks, not third-round picks. And this trade is also about the insurance Houston just purchased with the free-agent signing of Tyrod Taylor, who will be a fine backup if Deshaun stays ... and a solid starter if he departs.

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We've suggested that the Texans need to start creating a bidding war now, and that if a trade is the plan, that they do need to deal the 25-year-old star before the April 29 start of the draft.

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With NFL teams willing to float their names to the media as potential bidders (and yes, that's happening), the bidding war - created by the Texans or not - is unfolding. And now new bidders are emerging.

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