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Deshaun Watson Trade from Texans to Steelers? Yes, Says Najee Harris

Najee Harris lists three quarterbacks in particular who he believes would fit into the Pittsburgh system.

Ben Roethlisberger is officially retired. And sure, there is noise inside Steelers HQ that an opportunity will be given to an in-house candidate like Dwayne Haskins, the former Washington Football Team first-round bust who has a chance to straighten out his career in The Steel City.

But in a recent interview with CBS Sports, Steelers running back Najee Harris suggested he's thinking ... a bit bigger.

“Obviously, I don’t really know the scenarios,'' the rookie Harris said, "but Deshaun Watson is always in there.''

Watson's ... well, scenario ... is tricky. (Here's the latest.)

But Harris listed three quarterbacks in particular who he believes would fit into the Pittsburgh system.

It's not tampering if he says it (we think), so here goes:

*Jimmy Garoppolo, of the San Francisco 49ers, who are in the NFC Championship Game this weekend;

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*Aaron Rodgers, who ostensibly works for the Green Bay Packers but who in fact sort of does whatever the hell he pleases;

*Deshaun Watson, the gifted but beleaguered Texans in-limbo QB.

"Aaron Rodgers, obviously I like,'' Harris said. "I’m not sure how far he is into coming close to retirement. Even guys like Jimmy G, I like him too. Just a guy that wants to come in there and compete. I think that will fit the offense.”

Rodgers may wants out of Green Bay, but again, he is marching to the beat of a drummer named "Aaron Rodgers,'' and the Denver Broncos rumors there are strong.

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Garoppolo is expected to be moved out because the 49ers have Trey Lance lined up to take over ... though a Niners success in the postseason muddies that a bit.

And Watson? Speaking of "muddied'' ... He’s facing 22 lawsuits alleging sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. Houston, frankly, would love for Harris to be right, as it would add to a potential bidding war for Watson, who is destined to be traded and to not be a Texan in the coming months.