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Deshaun Watson Trade: 'Teams Are Ready To Jump,' Says Texans QB Lawyer

Although he has reported to training camp, Watson's off-the-field legal troubles continue to mount

HOUSTON -- So many of the parties involved in the Deshaun Watson situation have muddied the waters with foolishness that it's difficult to dig through the muck to get to the story. That's happening now, as the beleaguered Watson reported to Houston Texans training camp on Sunday amid two notable remarks from his own attorney.

According to John Barr of, Watson's lawyer Rusty Hardin, says 10 women have now filed complaints with Houston police department about the Texans' quarterback. Two women who have filed criminal complaints have not filed lawsuits against Watson.

The latest filings bring the total number of cases against the fifth-year quarterback to 24.

"There are 10 women that have made complaints to the [Houston] police," Hardin said, adding that while several names are known by his staff, there are also a few that have not appeared before on the list presented. 

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"There are a couple of women who we don't know anything about," Hardin said.

Prosecuting attorney Tony Buzbee also gave a statement to ESPN, saying that they will continue to handle all 22 "serious" allegations made against the Texans' star. 

Hardin stated that both Watson and his staff have fully cooperated with law-enforcement officials.

The NFL has yet to rule on a decision of Watson's status.

"We've made it clear to the NFL that we'll totally cooperate with them when they're ready to visit with us," Hardin said. "But they, out of deference to the criminal investigation, always try to wait until that's completed before they try to talk to the accused person." 

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The NFL still could decide on what to do with Watson moving forward. They could suspend him for the season. They also could put him on the commissioner's exempt list, basically placing him on administrative leave. 

That's the legal side of this. And what about the football side?

"Teams are ready to jump now if the Texans would trade with them, even while all this is pending," Hardin said. "There's no question that teams, numerous teams, are still interested. The ball is in the Texans' court." 

It's clear Texans general manager Nick Caserio is willing to listen to offers for the three-time Pro Bowler. Maybe a bigger question is: 

1) What is the benefit to Watson to have his lawyer offer information on more accusations?

2) Why is a criminal defense attorney offering information on an NFL trade?

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Opposing attorney Tony Buzbee said that his concerns with Watson have nothing to do with football.

"As far as Watson's football career ... I'm not focused on whether Watson will play," Buzbee said. "I'm instead focused on the welfare of the women he had contact with and aggressively pursuing their cases in court."

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