Despite Off Days for The Texans, Deshaun Watson Was at the Facility Preparing for the Patriots

Patrick D. Starr

It has been a tough stretch for the Houston Texans against the New England Patriots, and quarterback Deshaun Watson has had some up and down performances in the process. In two matchups led by Watson, the Texans are 0-2 in those games losing by a combined ten points. 

In those games versus the Patriots, Watson has thrown for 477 yards while only completing 58.2% of his passes for three touchdowns and three interceptions. Watson has also rushed for 81 yards but fumbled three times during those two matchups. 

The Texans' success has been predicated on how well Watson plays and if he is on his game. The scoreboard reflects that, and that has been Watson's motivation this week. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien has already seen Watson multiple times in the building since their win last Thursday night. The Texans players did not have to report back to the facility until Monday, but Watson was already back at work during the weekend preparing for the Patriots.  

"I mean he was here over the weekend, you know studying," O'Brien said of Watson. "And he was here early this morning with Timmy (Kelly), and I watching some things. He was here early yesterday morning, and the guy puts in a ton of work."

Watson has always had talent, but his work ethic has led to his rapid improvement through 34 games in his NFL career. 

"Deshaun's come a long way," O'Brien continued. "Anybody as talented as the Deshaun, in combination with the work ethic. You know he's just got great work ethic."

Watson is completing a career-high 69.0% of his passes in 2019 and has a total of 26 total touchdowns with five regular-season games left. The Texans offense continues to show how great it can be with Watson pulling the trigger with the football in his hands. 

O'Brien appreciates Watson putting the team first and wanting to win as the Texans' quarterback.

"He's really passionate about the team," O'Brien said of Watson. "He's passionate about winning, and I think anytime you have that plus you have the incredible talent that he has, you're going to get better. There's just no choice. You're just going to get better."

O'Brien continued, "I think he knows a lot more about the league and defenses and our offense and our personnel and the personnel he's going up against. I think he's done a great job."

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Someone needs to get some rest, and do some editing to this story. Alot of errors which need correcting. As for Watson, no doubt he's in the facility getting prepared. However, that only works "better" if your teammates are there with you to practice in improving your game. Hope that was the case because here comes Sunday! I KNOW you CAN win this game against the Patriots, but the protection for Watson must be fierce, and scoring in all four quarters must happen. Fairburn should be there practicing as well...all of these things are obvious moves to win, and everyone must do their part in tackling well. Wishing the Texans a successful win for these upcoming games!!!👍😁🏈