Did Deshaun Watson's Lawyer Hurt his Case Following Comments?

Rusty Hardin's recent comments might not be ones that Deshaun Watson would enjoy following the allegations.
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HOUSTON -- Currently, the case against Deshaun Watson has not been one of a positive outlook. The Houston Texans quarterback currently faces 22 civil lawsuits of sexual misconduct or sexual assault during massage sessions. 

Watson, who is represented by Texas lawyer Rusty Hardin, has denied the allegations as of this time. 

Earlier this week, Hardin asked the courts to force prosecuting lawyer, Tony Buzbee, to identify the names of the women who have moved forward with the allegations. So far, Buzbee has agreed to release 14 of the 22 names. 

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On Friday, Hardin stated during a news conference that there were some "consensual encounters" between Watson and the women. Although there's no evidence stating the claim as of now, Hardin also said that Watson did not engage in any activity that wasn't "mutually desired" between the two parties. 

"Were there sometimes consensual encounters? Yes," Hardin said according to ESPN's Sarah Barshop

On Tuesday, Ashley Solis became the first woman to release her identity to the public as a victim of Watson's action. Since then, Buzbee has stated she has already received threats on social media. 

Since the initial case was released against Watson in March, reports have fluttered that the 25-year-old has deleted messages on social media, hoping the "settle a deal" before going further. 

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It's a clear indication that “modern communications” will be a factor in the case. 

“Millennials live on Instagram. Those of you who are millennials know that. Those of you who are not have probably discovered it long before I,” Hardin said Friday. “They do business on it. Deshaun lives on Instagram. He does business transactions on Instagram. Other people do. I’m discovering a much more prevalent use of it than I had any idea. I’m not on Instagram. I don’t do Twitter. I’m not on Facebook. I am an idiot about modern communications. But what I’ve learned is everyone else is not.”

Following Solis' testimony, NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy released a statement calling the allegations against Watson "deeply disturbing," overall.

"We take these issues very seriously," McCarthy said. 

The NFL began an investigation under its personal conduct policy last month after the first allegations.

TexansDaily.com will continue to keep you up to date with everything happening surrounding Watson and the case. 

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