Digging Deep: Case Keenum and Patrick Peterson?

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The highlights are thin for this two win Houston Texans team and things are not going to get easier with the New England Patriots coming to town. With five games left on the schedule, talk is turning to the future direction of this team.

There are still games to be played and things to observe. Once again, we start looking at things a little closer and share a story on how close Arizona Cardinals' corner back Patrick Peterson was to being with the Texans on draft day 2011.

Digging Deep

Case Keenum

The jury is still out on what Keenum can be for this team and games are running out on the quarterback to impress the organization. The "growth process" for Keenum has been slow and his inability to put wins and touchdowns on the board have been part of the offensive issues that Keenum has been responsible for.

We took a look at Keenum's numbers against opponents and quarters to this point of the season.

Case Keenum

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Kareem Jackson

Not having him ready for Sunday could put the Texans' defense at a bigger disadvantage against the New England Patriots, and he is doing everything in his power to come back for Sunday. Without Jackson, the Texans become even slower defensively and more vulnerable with Brice McCain and Brandon Harris in coverage.


The Number of Missed Tackles By the Texans this season.


The number of targets Andre Johnson had on Sunday. It was the 4th time this season he was not targeted in double digits.


The number of games in a row Derek Newton has not allowed a quarterback hit or sack. Longest streak this season.

Brice McCain

Brice McCain

Brice McCain Factor

121.6 NFL QB rating against McCain

60 Percentage of Passes Completed against McCain

touchdowns given up this season, which leads the team

1 Pass deflection all season in 40 targets

It has been a season to forget for McCain and he has been a target of opposing teams all season.

J.J. Watt Was Close To Not Being a Texan

A few weeks ago, General Manager Rick Smith gave a keynote speech at the Westin in Houston and had some interesting news about the 2011 NFL draft. According to Smith, the Texans had a deal in place to move up in the draft to the San Francisco 49ers #7 overall spot in the draft to draft the LSU product in Patrick Peterson. The particulars of the deal were not given but the deal fell apart after the Arizona Cardinals took Peterson with the 5th overall pick.

There were rumors about the Texans moving up for Peterson and that would have left the Texans without one of Houston's best players in Watt. Draft stories are always good to hear and this one is one of the more interesting ones that have come out.

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