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Digging Deep: Ravens Edition

We talk a closer look at the Houston Texans and their game with the Baltimore Ravens, and found some more numbers from inside the game.

Digging Deep


The amount of passes the Baltimore Ravens attempted over 20 yards or more.


The amount of passes attempted by the Ravens to the middle or right of the field that Ed Reed patrolled during the game over 20 yards or more.


The total amount of quarterback hurries and sacks that Derek Newton gave up against the Ravens. (1 sack, 6 quarterback hurries)


The numbers of passes attempted by the Houston Texans offense over 20 yards.


The average rush behind Brandon Brooks and Derek Newton on the right side on Sunday.


The amount of yards per reception for the Texans receivers against the Ravens defense.


The completion rate against Danieal Manning in three games. In 2011, 72.3% of passes were completed on him in 47 attempts.


Number of penalties on the Texans defense on Sunday.

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Number of penalties on the Texans offense on Sunday.


The Texans penalty yards.


The Texans offensive 3rd down conversion rate.


Average gain per passing play for the Texans, this includes sacks.


The longest rush by the Texans running game.


Kicker Randy Bullock's percentage on made kicks after a tough start to the season on three attempts.


Baltimore Ravens yards per rush against the Texans defense.


The Texans longest reception on the day, both DeAndre Hopkins and Keshawn Martin had an 18 yard reception.


The amount of plays the Texans used fullback Greg Jones in.

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