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Don’t Believe The Coach Speak

Trindon Holliday v. Keshawn Martin:

After the departure of wide receiver and special teams returner Jacoby Jones, the Texans drafted shifty Keshawn Martin from Michigan State as a possible option to fill the void. Drafted in the fourth round, Martin was a playmaking receiver with above average special teams return ability at MSU, and seemed to be the only option until another familiar name emerged yesterday.

Trindon Holliday.

Wrapping up day two of OTA’s, Kubiak made some rather curious statements about the open #3 wide receiver position – in particular Holliday and Martin. When asked which player would replace Jacoby Jones at receiver and returner, Kubiak said,

“Keshawn (Martin) jumps at me because he’s an excellent returner and then Trindon (Holliday) has come a long way as a football player and he’s going to be more competitive this time around in camp than he’s ever been. So if he can show that he can help us out at wide receiver some, we know he can return, so I think his opportunity to make this team is probably the best it’s been since he’s been with us.”

Now, one might interpret this as if Holliday has a better than average shot at making the team. Kubiak did spend most of the answer on Holliday, didn’t he?

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Trindon Holliday

But as ESPN College GameDay commentator Lee Corso would say, “not so fast my friend.”

In other words, don’t believe the coach speak…

If you know anything about coaches, you know they say things to keep players motivated and to increase competition. Imagine if Kubiak would’ve said, “Martin has the job and there is very little chance Holliday makes the team.” The result would be that Holliday wouldn’t push Martin as hard and Martin wouldn’t develop as quickly to be the best he can be for the team.

Although Holliday has world-class speed, Holliday will have little to no chance to make the 53 man roster. At 5’5”, Holliday is limited to only a returner and in today’s NFL you must have back-up players that are versatile and add depth.

I suppose anything is possible but realistically, this is Martin’s to lose.

What do you think? Do you believe the coach speak?